• Weight Loss Lesson 30

    Kenny writes, "I would say that the most significant spiritual change I experienced while taking the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course is that I now see the value in putting this struggle with weight, food, and health in the hands of Jesus.
    In the past, I fought through my issues with food on my own almost as if I was hiding it from God. Physically, I was already so far from where I started (350 lbs), but before taking this course, I have never felt freedom from my addiction to food.
    This course has helped me IMMENSELY, and I have such great hope that I have never experienced in this area of bondage. I have lost about 28 pounds (I weigh 220 lbs currently), and I completely agree that this process has taken all of the EFFORT out and simplified things to make space for healing and progress."

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  • Weight Loss Lesson 30

    Carla writes, "Since taking the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course, I feel like I am now experiencing a greater level of freedom than I ever have before. Weight loss and healthy eating were a preoccupation of mine, but now I no longer feel controlled by it.
    Now, I eat what I want when I am hungry. I listen to my body and eat foods that make me feel healthy and strong, and I hear God speaking His love over me in the process. I feel so much gratitude and joy in Christ and how He has worked in my life!
    These past 30 lessons have been especially amazing because I’ve been walking this journey with my husband, and I see huge changes in him (both physically and spiritually)!
    When I started this course, I had about 15 lbs to lose, and I’m still in the process to reach my goal, but my clothes are looser, I’m more confident, and I feel great! I am so thankful for freedom through Christ!"

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  • Scripture Snippet: The Cross is Your Caravan of Deliverance posted in Gospel Teachings
  • RE: Hunger Pangs shortly after Meal

    @Callista-Luney Welcome! At the start of approaching this new way of eating - waiting to eat until one is truly physically hungry - I also found there were different digestive noises, feelings of hunger, and pangs to sort through! I am constantly amazed at how wonderfully and fearfully God has made our bodies Callista (Psalm 139:14). When we wait for longer periods between meals (noting that a small light breakfast in the morning is advised), you will find the clear hunger alert later in the day (most commonly a tummy growl) that indicates to you that your body has assimilated the food in your stomach from the previous meal. And you asked : 'how do I fix that?' It is how we wait to eat that is important by looking at Christ Crucified and Risen where we find the power of the cross to overcome our struggles. We come to the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ and turn our eyes from worrying about eating and what foods to eat and when. We spend time with our friend and Savior Jesus asking Him to open our hearts wide to receive His love pouring from His pierced heart for us. He thirsted and hungered on the cross so that we would never need to be spiritually hungry and thirsty again (John 4:13). He emptied Himself at Calvary so we would be filled with His fullness. When Jesus cried out "It is finished!", He gave up His spirit so that we receive the Holy Spirit Who leads us, and guides us surely through life.

    John 6:35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

    I am praying Callista that you would "know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God," Ephesians 3:19

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  • RE: Christians and PTSD

    @Erick-Hurt I'm literally in tears over reading this. You make Jesus so precious to many of us Erick!

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  • Set Free by Jesus' Resurrection

    Question 7 at Marker 49:40 in video: Do you see the gospel pattern in these Old Testament stories? If yes, is your faith in the resurrection of Jesus increased? Please share your thoughts

    Cindy writes:

    Wow...as often as I've read those stories I never made the correlation until today. Each picture and story represented something so very significant to Christ and his death and resurrection. It puts my life and dying to sin in a new light.

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  • RE: Talk with a Mentor

    @Ruben-Villa I just sent you a link in a chat. Let me know if you see it. I set it up for 30 minutes from now, or 3:00pm Mountain time.

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  • RE: Talk with a Mentor

    @Ruben-Villa No problem at all, welcome back to Setting Captives Free! A lot has changed around here in the last nine years since going through "The Way of Purity" course. That was the former ministry which we call SCF 1.0 where "Radical Amputation" was taught.

    Today, we focus all of our attention on the cross where students can experience "Gospel Transformation." So we call the new ministry SCF 2.0 which reflects the new direction of the ministry. An article was written (and is a living document) about this change from, "Radical Amputation" to "Gospel Transformation" and can be found by clicking here for a deeper understanding of this change.

    So with that said, I think you're going to love the "Purity Bootcamp" course and the new direction and teachings here at Setting Captives Free. We have the Purity Bootcamp course online now and coming out in print this month, Lord willing. I hope this helps! Just let me know when you're available to talk and I'll set up a call through Zoom for further discussion.

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  • Calvary's stupendous scene! by Henry Law

    "It is finished!" John 19:30

    Holy Father,
    The heavens, the earth, and all that are therein proclaim Your wondrous goodness. But Your love shines forth in surpassing luster—at Calvary's stupendous scene! At the cross we see Your heavenly grace removing the tremendous load of our iniquities from us—and heaping them all on Your beloved Son! We see Him standing as a transgressor in our place. We see Him, who knew no sin—made sin for us. We see Him, the all-holy One—accounted as a curse! We see Your justice leading the spotless Lamb to the slaughter—and rigorously demanding the full payment for all our sin-debt!

    The avenging sword entered into His very heart!

    The stream of sin-atoning blood flows!

    Full recompense was meted out!

    Divine Justice can ask no more.

    Charges against us are all obliterated.

    The debt-book is cancelled. If our sins are searched for, they cannot now be found!

    The spotless Lamb was devoted to all anguish—that we may be inheritors of all joy.

    He was cast off from You—that we may be brought near to You.

    He was treated as Your enemy—that we may be welcomed as Your friends.

    He was deserted by You—that we may be received to Your everlasting favor.

    He was surrendered to hell's worst—that we may attain heaven's best.

    He was stripped—that we may be clothed.

    He was wounded—that we may be healed.

    He thirsted—that we may drink of the water of life.

    He was in darkness—that we may rejoice in the glories of eternal day.

    He wept—that all tears may be forever wiped from our eyes.

    He groaned—that we may sing an endless song.

    He endured all pain—that we may rejoice in unfading health.

    He wore a crown of thorns—that we may receive a crown of glory.

    He bowed His head in death—that we may lift up our head in heaven.

    He bore earth's reproach—that we may receive heaven's welcome.

    He was tormented—that we may be comforted.

    He was made all shame—that we may inherit all glory.

    His eyes were dark in death—that our eyes may gaze on unclouded brightness.

    He died and rose—that we may escape the second death, and live forevermore.

    O gracious Father, thus You spared not Your only begotten Son—that You may spare us! All our sins are cast behind Your back—all are buried in the ocean of reconciling blood!

    We can only fall low and cry, "We adore You for the gift of Your Son as our substitute; for the death of Your Son as our ransom!"

    Blessed Jesus, we have been standing beneath Your cross. The sight constrains us to the deepest humility. Our vile iniquity—is the cause of Your shame! We cannot fathom the sins which plunged You into such depths of unutterable woe! We cannot estimate the burden of wrath which thus crushed You. We cannot deny that the sins which stain us are evils of infinite malignity since nothing but Your blood could wash away their guilty stains! As transgressors, we abhor ourselves before You.

    While we humbly gaze—may we anxiously ponder, "Why, blessed Jesus—why did You thus die?" May Your precious answer sound through every part of our hearts and souls,
    "I died—that you may not die.
    I laid down My life—to purchase your life.
    I presented Myself as a sin-offering—to expiate all your sins.

    My blood thus streams—to wash out all your guilt.

    The fountain is thus opened in My side—to cleanse you from all impurity. I thus endured your curse. I thus paid your debt. I thus rescued you from all condemnation. I thus satisfied divine justice for you!"

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  • RE: Christians and PTSD

    @Mike-Cleveland Thank you for sharing this interaction regarding PTSD. It really highlights that the cross is the answer to every problem and for every struggle. Where Jesus hung on the POST to remove our every sin and place it upon Himself (1 Peter 2:24). To renew us on the inside, in the heart, right at the control–center of who we are (2 Corinthians 4:16; Romans 2:29).

    We see Jesus hanging on the cross that was designed for us because our sin needed to be judged and put to death! He took every TRAUMATIC blow of God’s wrath for us! Was torn and bled for us! Was pierced for us and received every wave of God’s righteous judgment so that we could be transformed, forgiven, healed by His traumatic wounds, our eyes, heart, and life are lifted up and out of the STRESS as Jesus was stressed beyond that of any human (Romans 8:3).

    His joints were out of place so that ours could be put in their proper place. His DISORDER beyond that of being recognized as a human (Isaiah 52:14) on the cross so He could resurrect and reorder our lives by rising up from the grave in victory and power over sin and death (Colossians 2:15). And this to raise us up and out of our own grave and into a new life with a new heart, a renewed mind and therefore free from our former lives and troubles (1 Corinthians 15:57). All of the PTSD that Jesus went through for us was that which changed us on the inside, the only place the work of the cross could reach, far into the depths of who we were to become who we are in Christ (Galatians 4:19).

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