I had a student finish the 60-day Purity course for the first time

  • This was the first time I had a student finish the Purity course, the 60-day one. It is awesome to see how this course has set them free, to see their thankfulness for the material, and to find such love and freedom through the gospel.

  • Praise God!

  • Mentor

    @Matthew-Sims Well done brother! So thankful for your ministry, Matthew, and for walking with this brother lifting up the wondrous cross! The cross of forgiveness, healing, cleansing and freedom, seeing Jesus dying so we could live! Iā€™m excited to see one more heart captivated at the cross then set free from captivity!

  • Mentor

    Matt, this was really good mentoring brother; well done! We look for "just one more heart" to experience freedom at the cross. We look for this because God has made us crave to see that life and love and liberty come into another heart as they see and experience the power of "Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

    Thank you for sharing this joy with us Matthew!

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