Starting a study in August

  • Was wondering how people have led the course?
    Does it take an hour per class?
    Do you have group prayer?
    Any insight would be helpful.

  • @Lesley-Lezcano @Colleen-Prusha is currently leading a group in her church. @Colleen-Prusha would you be able to share your experience with @Lesley-Lezcano?
    The Lord bless you and keep you.

  • @Jody-Cleveland if she can give me some advice eould be wonderful.Blessings

  • @Lesley-Lezcano Hi Lesley. Our group meets weekly and there are 6-8 women who attend pretty faithfully. I used the online Group Leader's Guide, which is a work in progress, but that outline did not work as well for us. The women (aged 28-66) wanted to talk about lessons that meant the most to them, struggles they are having, how they are growing spiritually, truths that are new to them and that have amazed them. I ask them to note at least 1 point or sentence or truth that jumped out at them from each lesson to share at the next meeting. Our first meeting was the night before everyone started the lessons so that I could orient them to this class that is NOTHING like any weight loss class they have ever taken. I used some of the material from the first lesson in the Leader's Guide and also gave part of my testimony. One student is using the physical Weight Loss book but the others are using the online study. We meet on Tuesdays so they were a few lessons in when I saw most of them at church. They were so excited with what they were learning! And amazed at how simple (although not "easy") God's plan is. Our next meeting was great. We pray before starting and pray again before leaving, being more specific related to the issues discussed. I am accountability partner for 2 of the students. I am very new to mentoring and it's been interesting to see how differently everyone reacts, copes and perseveres with the lessons. I usually start the class, after prayer, with a question that everyone is invited to answer. I try to frame it from one of the lessons of the past week. My goal is to listen and always guide them back to the cross, to Christ Who died so that we can be free from this body of sin. We meet for an hour but could easily use 2 or 3! It has proven to be a time of accountability, encouragement and growth. The ladies want to start the lessons over again when we've finished. I hope this helps somewhat. God Bless!