Prayer for tornado hit areas

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    Dear prayer warriors,
    May we please be praying with Robyn for the people of her town as they recover from the effect of a band of tornados, and for the people in other towns hit by these weather events in this state.

    How we praise God that we can come and receive peace and strength at the cross of Jesus and fill ourselves with the love flowing from His death and resurrection on our behalf. Nothing is outside of His control. Nothing can break the love that holds us in His hands.

    Robyn writes: "Last night, we had a band of tornados pass through. Our town has taken heavy damage, as well as the city we live near. Our school was hit, homes were destroyed and there are injuries. The sun is just now coming up, and emergency crews are going door to door to look for people. I’m sure injuries people are still waiting to be found.

    I ask for your prayers, as our family is ok, but this is going to be rough on the area. We have 12,000 people without power & the water system is now down."

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    @Joce-Gordon Praying with you and Robyn.

  • I'm praying too 🙏

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    Thank you so much for your prayers and giving praise to God for Jesus Who gave us life and His amazing grace at the cross as we walk through times of struggle.
    Mark 10:45: “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

    Robyn writes: "We are starting cleanup efforts now. Praise God, out of an outbreak of 12 tornados in 2 hours, there was only one casualty.. Most injuries are minor and relief efforts have been well covered. ..We have several friends who are now homeless and many houses have been destroyed in our town, it will be a long process to rebuild, but people are thankful for Life. Water & power is beginning to be restored, and things are improving inch by inch. We are amazed especially to see the Body of Christ come together to meet people’s needs in many unique ways. One church had a trailer full of clothing donations, one specialized in shoes, one group brought hundreds of sandwiches to carry through areas where transportation wasn’t possible. That plus donation of water, food, basic needs. And MOST importantly, we have been surrounded by the prayers of so many! His Hands & Feet have been busy & it is touching many people. Please continue to pray this situation magnified & honors His holy name, and pray for those who are beginning the long task of rebuilding, and that this is the opportunity for the Spirit to make the blind see."

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