Faith building throughout the day?

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    I'm wondering if anyone has tips about how to remain mindful of the lessons throughout the day. I find I get so "pumped" after a lesson, - almost as if I'm invincible - but as the day wears on me, my faith, my ability to deny my fleshly desires and my energy drains.


    In Him,

  • Hi, Marilyn what a great question you asked. I'm like you, after time spent at the Cross as we do in the lessons I want more. You are actually in a great place where you can have more. This Forum is packed with Gospel teaching, Gospel sermons, Gospel-centered devotions, and Cross Centered music. I have a busy schedule so this Forum is an excellent way for me to keep savoring Christ throughout the day.

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    The only thing I would add is not to try to 'remain mindful' of too much Marilyn. Pick just one key truth, something definite and condensed. I can look at any lesson fo say the Bootcamp course and there is SO MUCH for me to revel in, but I try to take away just one point to think over as I go through my day

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