Purity Follow-up Lesson 57

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    My heart rejoiced when I read this answer. This student was in terrible bondage when he first started the Purity Boot Camp course and then continued in the Follow-up course. Listen to the joy and freedom of one who was once in bondage and now has found freedom through the Cross:

    Question 2. What has it been like for you to come to the cross and drink in the good news?

    I must say it has been refreshing and the statement "our thirst is quenched” is really true.

    My thirst for porn is being quenched, it’s not appealing anymore, by God's grace and not any effort of mine.

    I don't look of it anymore or scheme ways to gratify my flesh.

    The cross is the sole solution and it’s given me liberation to serve God more. I enjoy Him now more than before, and I am very grateful. I've stopped counting the days of freedom. Because I know I’ve been satisfied with Him and He is going to keep me from stumbling or falling.

    Notice what he said: "By God's grace and not any effort of mine." and "I've stopped counting the days of freedom." Here is the testimony of a changed heart that has found freedom. "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." (John 8:36 NKJV)

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    @Bill-Miller Bill, this so blessed my heart to read, and it was so encouraging to see that the message of the cross is quenching his thirst. Amen!

    Bill, would you check with him to see if we can use his comment on Lesson 57, first name only? I believe it would encourage many others as well.

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    Wow Bill, that is awesome brother!

    'Quenched' - yes, what a great word and I like the way he used it and embraced it 100%

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