The Gospel and the Church

  • Dear Eric and brethren. There is mention of the 'tolah worm' in the first lesson, and I remember this from lessons from the old SCF courses. It is a beautiful illustration, which I have shared with others many times. I have forgotten of it for some time and was reminded of the worm in this first lesson of this course. This time, I am a little concerned - and it is probably due to all the urban legends, fake news and social media that I have become a little more careful what to believe.
    As I said, I love the illustration, and this is not being judgmental; I am critical, but hopefully this will be regarded as constructive criticism for the sake of clarity.
    I would really appreciate a scientific reference to the tolah worm. All I get when googling is 'crimson worm' - but all this is based on sermons. I feel a little uncomfortable about a good story (of a worm) that I cannot reference as fact. This is obviously something we want to avoid if we want to preach the truth. The world can be critical and might accuse Christians of fabricating stories to bring across a point. I might be wrong. There is the 'Kermes biblicus', but no information is available. The kermes, according to wikipedia is a type of insect but not necessarily a worm, and there is no reference of it sacrifice itself on a thorn to bleed for its young.
    So, please, I pray you, correct me if I am wrong, and I will gladly be corrected. If there is no evidence of the existence of such a worm, I pray we reconsider the illustration.
    Blessings to all in Jesus Name.

  • Mentor

    @Adam-Hartman Here is a good reference point to start: This is the information found on the Hebrew word: תּוֹלָע tôwlâʻ

    Here are some interesting articles in reference to this "worm."

  • @Bill-Miller Hey Bill. That's perfect. Praise God and thank you! I especially liked the 'discovercreation' link. All creation declares the glory of the LORD! God bless.