Lesson 30 Testimony

  • Question 3. What changes have taken place in your life over the previous 30 lessons?

    Sara writes:

    Wow. What an HONOR to share this testimony for the Glory of JESUS MY LORD!!

    I have seen astounding transformation during these 30 lessons!! Transformation that is hard even putting into words!!😭

    Tears fill my eyes because of the LOVE and respect I feel for my JESUS. The joy. The completeness. The oneness. The intimacy with my Savior these days. (Even tho I've been a Christian since 2009, the love I have for my JESUS is in my understanding sooo much deeper, sweeter, more rooted and grounded and mature than ever before.

    He has won my heart with LOVE. Not with condemning me. Making me feel bad etc. Because I cant even really start describing how HORRIBLE I already felt about myself living in sexual sin. Pornography. Self gratification. One darkness after the other. And it started with such a small thing. NEVER believed I'd fall into such a trap as this. Never. And now as a CHRISTIAN?!? Never gonna happen.
    But God showed me my pride. God revealed to me how I trusted in MY OWN EFFORTS and strength, and He let me mess up and fall so badly that i was completely broken and humbled and I knew it was only JESUS who could rescue me. Not me. Not my godliness. Not my strength. Not my determination. Not my self control. Not my earnestness and devotion and reading the word of God daily. But its only JESUS. The CROSS that breaks sins power.

    Jesus and the cross. My ONLY hope. Once I finally realized that, and the Holy Spirit helped me BELIEVE this, things changed.

    It stripped me of my ego and pride. And I came with my shame, nakedness and nothingness to the cross of JESUS!!! In desperate need for help. Knowing that HE was the ONLY one who could break away my chains of sexual sin. He was the ONLY one who could save and rescue me out of this. Not me. Not in my own efforts. EVERYTHING else failed but.. JESUS!!!!!

    And oh how free my heart feels. It just leaps for JOY!!!

    I am beyond GRATEFUL!!!😭❤

    And I LOVE HIM MORE!!! That's about what I can say right now. I am just in awe and wonder of the ONE who died to give me life. Yes, EVEN ME!!!! So humbled at that fact. In awe!!!

  • @Kelly-Dorsey Thank you so much for sharing. I'm in the same exact position you were in when yo started, I've been a Christian since 2003 and this has been an on and off sin, many times going upto 6yrs or so not dealing with it then it'd just pop up in the most random ways. and now, at 25 it's back, but this time hasn't been something I've been particularly good at shaking off. Your feedback is very encouraging as I know I've depended on my own efforts and never truly submitted it to Jesus 100% and yes, it does come down to pride.

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