Lesson 20 q1 response

  • Mentor

    What a joy to see a student persevere, and then slowly move from hopelessness to hopefulness 🙂

    Question 1. How is your battle plan going? Does it need adjusting, or is it bearing the fruit of freedom in your life?

    My battle plan is working. The filters on my phone are effective. Looking at the cross daily has been the real saving change. I visualise Christ dying on the cross saying “Father, Father why do you forsake me” and I just have no desire at all to head back down my previous path. Christ is transforming me every day.

  • Mentor

    and q2 is even better 🙂

    Question 2. Have you been praying earnestly for Jesus to set you free? Please share your thoughts.
    Yes, my heart was so hard and I had no desire to be in God’s presence. My shame was so strong but I accepted that my life would always have pornography in it. I was close to death. Christ brought me back through this course. I now pray for freedom every day and I look to His cross every day. All praise to You Jesus.

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