Looking to Jesus Day 10: Acceptance

  • Denise says;

    I like that the lesson pointed out what righteousness means. I tend to forget this and get caught up with associating righteousness with only meaning perfect obedience. Not realizing that perfect obedience is the cause and not the effect. We are righteous (accepted by God) forever because of the credit of the perfect obedience of Jesus freely given to us at the cross, in exchange for all our sins! What an amazing gift!

    This part really spoke to me: Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross so that when God looks at you through the blood of Jesus, you are seen as perfect. God loves and accepts you! Because you are in Christ, because you are one with Christ, you eternally hear, "This is my Son (or daughter), whom I love; with him/her I am well pleased." (Matthew 3:17).

    People always say, myself included when they die, they hope the Father will look at their life and say " I am well pleased" or "well done my good and faithful servant" How sad that is because it means they have not fully believed and accepted Jesus sacrifice of his life for them on the cross; His righteousness given to them in exchange for their sins as the only thing that makes the Father pleased with them. They are instead hoping in their works and good deeds and efforts to live godly as "the thing" that will make God pleased with them. As humble as their hope to hear God say "well pleased" sounds, it is full of sinful pride and unbelief and is the very thing that will draw out God's displeasure towards them.

    May we always abandon hope in the sinful pride of trying to earn God's love, favor, and acceptance. To do so presumes that our sacrifices are more holy and pure and acceptable than the sacrifice Jesus life, His blood poured out on the Cross. Instead, may we humble ourselves by abandoning hope in ourselves and fall at the foot of the cross believing and receiving the blood sacrifice of Jesus alone that makes us acceptable. When we do, we don't have to wait until we die to hear the Father say He is well pleased with us. Because of our faith in Jesus's sacrifice for us on the cross, the Father says it to us now, today!

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