A Little Praise

  • I just want to say thank you for this course. I am half-way done and it has been very hard for me. I had a hard time suffering and was still overeating. But I never gave up. I kept trying day after day and continued praying. Last night after a binge I finaly asked God and my Holy Spirit for help. I was very sincere, open and honest. It is now 5:30 pm, the next evening and I still have not eaten or had any discomfort or hunger pang. God is with me and my Holy Spirit is guiding me gently. I have been in worship and prayer all day, almost like a retreat. I have given up and given in. I am no longer trying to be in control. I give my addiction to God. I am so happy I came across this site. Without God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and preserverance, I would not have been able to accomplish what I am accomplishing now.

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