Prayer that I would be granted honest repentance and a new heart

  • I have been in the SCF course before - and completed it. But I have fallen back into the old sinful habits of my flesh, and I could really use any prayer that anyone is willing to give, that I would start fresh, and truly honestly repent of my sins and walk righteously with the Lord who I love so much - but have so mistreated. I am full of broken sadness on one hand, but I know that the right thing to do is cry out to the Lord and get up on my feet. Your prayer - even one - would be a blessing and add strength to my journey. Thank you brothers and sisters.

  • @Albert-Lentz Dear Lord, thank you for Albert. I thank you that he's called out for help. We all need your help Lord - each and every day of our lives. I thank you that you've created a repentant heart in him. Give him courage to keep on getting back up. May he keep on coming back to the cross over and over again. It's here that we find cleansing, healing and restoration. Let him remember just how much you love him. He is yours Lord and You are his. We thank you Jesus for your grace to both save and sanctify. May Albert continue to feel this grace in his own life every day. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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