Food Quantity?

  • When we wait for the hunger pangs to happen, what is the amount of food to consume, when is the food consumption too much? ```
    the other question I have is what about coffee or tea in between meals, how does that affect?

  • @Jason-Mathew I think the important thing is that our focus is not on food or little details, but on Jesus. So, tea and coffee, as little or no calorie as they are, should be fine. When it comes to eating I think eating until we are full is good. Eating should be for fuel not satisfaction and I think that's the mindset we are after from this program! Because true satisfaction only comes from him. And also being conscious of what we eat and taking the time to savor our food and not just gorge it down will help us have the 'fullness cue' faster than before. 🙏🏻

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