Fellowship and Accountability

  • I love Setting Captives Free. I've been through the main course and was a mentor for about two years back when the original organization was first operating (before Growing in Grace). I'm going through the main Purity course again, as a personal refresher, as we always need to be reminded of the Gospel, what Jesus did for us on the cross, and as a man, I need studies like this to examine my own life and be reminded to abide in Him through my struggles. I will likely go through the mentor course again once I'm complete with the main course - as I found my time as a mentor to be spiritually fulfilling and enriching, and felt like a right service to pay to the Lord for what He has done for me.

    In the meantime - I'm posting here today because due to COVID and just general life-circumstances, I'm finding myself somewhat cut off from other Christian men - and I would desperately welcome that touch-point, friendship, and accountability. Right now my greatest friends are all non-believers, and any sort of commonality or accountability is not possible. I miss the strengthening and common bonds that exist between folks that share a faith in our Lord. So - if you are out there - going through the course - acting as a mentor - a SCF administrator - whomever...I would welcome being contacted, and getting to know you - or even several of you (we could all group up?). For iron to sharpen iron, first you need to find the iron. It's not the norm for men to reach out to other men and not have it be weird - but, I don't know about you, I am tired of going solo.

    Feel free to contact me here: bnaielohim777@gmail.com

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