Student Response Faith Building Studies

  • Lesson 2 Question 4 Mike L. writes,

    “To think that the creator of the universe thought of me before Himself is mind boggling, it is so unlike this world where you are expected to pay for everything. The mountain of sin debt that I have been forgiven is love in it's purest form, never have I been shown such love, grace and mercy before. Jesus is so loving, kind and gentle, He sees our weaknesses and longs to help us through those weaknesses, what an amazing God we serve. Thank you my Lord Jesus for going to the cross and dying for me, I love you so much that words just can't express.”

    Question 5: Did you see the picture of the gospel today? Was your faith built up in seeing Jesus?

    “Yes I surely did see the gospel and my faith has definitely been built up. Seeing Jesus dying on the cross, as gruesome as a scene that it is always builds my faith, I mean the love that was poured out for me there is always overwhelming!!”

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