Prayer for my wife and my health.

  • Lord, teach me to pray as I need to learn to come boldly to your throne of grace. You are breaking me where my only hope is in You but You will provide me grace in time of need. Thanks for those who pray with me, they are such an encouragement. Keep me from harm and cover me under your Wings.

  • God finally showed up and spoke to me and said all those things you cling too and love, that you find security in, needs to be put on the altar and sacrificed. Your health and your wife's, your money, your theological education, your career, your horse farm you pride yourself in needs to be brought to the altar. Just as Abraham brought Isaac to slit his throat as God requested. It is so comforting to hear from God but what He was asking me seems so unbearable. Then God told me He had provided the Lamb of God to take away my sin and to count everything else as rubbish in comparison to knowing Christ. My wife Audrey is doing this through her Precept Bible study and I must now too. We are in the Lord's hand and every trial He allows into our lives is filtered through the loving hands of our Father...

    Please continue to pray for our health and our brokenness so Christ may shine through us.

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    @Jan-Kohlmann Thank you for sharing this Jan. Truly, it is a fearsome thing to intimately engage with the Lord of all. Abram trembled, Moses trembled, the prophets like Isaiah trembled too, and Paul himself.

    But God spoke brother, and they obeyed, and the world was changed by men surrendering all, just as you are presently. My own prayers for you and Audrey are increasing daily brother. Your witness as to what is truly of value, that witness to the people around you seems it must be a precious thing to the Lord, of infinite value as it shines into those lives around you brother.

    Abba Father, you have spoken to Jan in your mercy. We pray, breath life and strength into our brother and sister now, life that imparts life into others, strength that imparts strength into others; the life and strength of your Son.

  • @Rob-Robertson I used to preach how God could not use a man or women greatly until he hurt him or her deeply. I think how the Father allowed His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to suffer so deeply that through His suffering on the cross, death, burial, and resurrection He could give us new life, all the ones that the Father has given Him. The Holy Spirit reminds me of the great truths of Scripture including how Jesus cried out on the cross my God, my God why hast thou forsaken me, why are thou so far from my roaring. The Holy Spirit our comforter with the Father and the Son gave Jesus new resurrected life and He promises that to us someday, so my hope in the trials is eternal life with the Trinity. My wife's health has turned for the worse and she was asked to leave her clinical trial at Mayo Clinic as it was not effective. She is a Godly woman and was Director of Religious education while I was an Army Chaplain at Fort Sill, Ok. My health seems to improve slowly so your prayers are a lifesaver. I appreciated a 2-hour phone call with Bill M. to encourage me as we share a lot in common.

    Thanks all for praying and being there for me as we serve a Great God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. May our lives be a sweet savor to Him.

  • Lord help my wife Audrey and I make it through today. Make your Holy Spirit bring us comfort in our pain and draw us near to you.

  • Need prayer as in great pain, wife in serious shape, Jesus, through your stripes we are healed. Thanks for prayers.

  • Lord God heal my body and save me from my sins of Pride, greed, lust envy, resentment, gluttony, and laziness. Heal my soul and body and save my wife from cancer. Please pray God would cleanse my heart and heal me and my wife. Lord God save me from my evil heart and give me your Holy Spirit to cleanse me of my sin.

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    @Jan-Kohlmann Praying earnestly each day my brother. Father, supply to my brother your perfect peace. Jesus, we search within and cannot find it there, but you alone can implant that peace as we view your cross, the perfect symbol of love. We surrender to you Lord and fall into your arms.

  • @Rob-Robertson Thanks for your prayers, as it is so hard to have my wife Audrey, dying and I can't be with her. God continues to purify my heart and I pray He restores my body back to health. I pray God will be with you too in the midst of the trials of life. Your such a blessing.

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    Dearest brother, I'm sure Audrey is taking great comfort from her Saviour. He too died without his dearest loved one present. Indeed his Father had to turn his back on him at his greatest moment of suffering, so that Audrey, and you, and I, could be the recipients of this extravagant and tender grace we know. I know that you already know this Jan. I hast share it again by way of reminder for us to look to the cross right now, and say 'thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, thank you for the cross, because of which we can enter into our sufferings WITH YOU, and not alone.

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    Abba Father, we come before you again this new day and thank you for the life and witness of Jan and Audrey.

    Father, we know your purposes in allowing suffering in this life are beyond our understanding. I just want to thank you though for the witness of faith that Jan and Audrey are. Lord, use them in whatever circumstances they are in today, even in pain, show grace to them and through them I pray. May Jesus, and the cross, shine forth today through this precious couple.