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  • I've kind of gotten to know some of my neighbors a little bit, and for Christmas, I mailed them each a Biblical Christmas card with a tract included. Please pray for them to be receptive. They are David & Sharon, Willie & Lisa, Bobby & Chrissy, and Jesus and April. God bless you, wonderful Setting Captives Free people!

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    @SR-Coker Great idea SR. it is so good to see you reaching out at this opportune time.

    Father, we do pray that you would draw the hearts of David and Sharon, Willie and Lisa, Bobby and Chrissy, and Jesus and April. Lord, take the seed of that tract and implant it in those hearts we pray. Help these 8 precious neighbours pause and think of your precious son, both as baby in swaddling clothes in a manger and as Saviour on the cross, oh Lord, especially as Saviour on that cross. Thank you Father for being the Lord of the Harvest!

  • Thanks so much for praying!

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    🙂 You're really welcome. I've been excited this Christmas having some new opportunities to get to know more neighbours and start some hopefully gospel oriented conversations soon with at least one of them especially.

  • Sounds good.

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