Lesson 41 Question 10.

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    Kelly writes;

    One thing that is constantly reiterated here that was reiterated in this lesson is Jesus has done the work for us and by his grace we are able to change as we are washed by his blood.

    I am learning that change is not always easy and yet I do not live in condemnation. Jesus paid it all and through it I live in confidence of his work on the cross.

    I had not realized that all through scripture Chist was referred to as the rock so now I am excited to read other refinances of the rock in scriptures.

    Spending time with God does not have to be the same way other people do. We need to be fed by the scriptures. And yet for each of us it might look different. I am excited to work again come the new year as I have a long drive to work.

    I am able to spend it worshiping God and also listening to sermons. Above that though I value my alone time, in my room touch the word of God and seeing not just hearing. God speaks to me in all of these situations and yet when I can read for myself and contemplate what God is teaching me I feel fed.

    I do not want to ever lose that longing. I used to read the word because that is what I was supposed to do. Now I long for that quiet time.