Group Study Question

  • Hello,

    I have been speaking with one of the elders in my local church and we would like to start a men's group using the "Setting Captives Free" group study. How does that work? Do I ask each person wishing to participate to sign up and enroll in that course? Would they all get the same mentor or could I assign my pastor as the mentor?

  • Mentor

    @Brent-Williams Hi Brent, the group study is not available right now; there are a few lessons online but it is not a complete course. I would suggest waiting until it's finished. Alternatively you could do the freedom from impurity or weight loss courses, both should be available within 3 months.

  • Ah I see, thank you for the reply.

    A friend of mine is one of your mentors and has agreed to mentor me through the Purity course. I think the gospel-centered approach you are taking is the direction I also want to take with our men's group at church.