prayer for my step mom, dad and brother

  • please pray that my dad, step mom and brother get along. pray my brother stops watching porn.

  • Father, I lift up Thomas' dad, step mom, and brother, that your Holy Spirit would move about their family and home to remove the bickering, quarrels, and hostility towards one another. You are a God of love and peace, and I pray that your love and peace would fill their hearts up and wash out the things of the Enemy. In Jesus' name, I ask that Thomas' brother would stop watching pornography, a device that is extremely destructive. May his brother find freedom through SCF or another means that you think is proper. Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayers and answering them.

    Thomas, have you reached out to your brother with a recommendation to SCF? Perhaps you could share your testimony with him?

  • he has a learning disability so it is hard from him to understand many things. he has a bible and i am trying to get him to read it.

  • Yes, that does complicate things. It is a blessing that the Holy Spirit is capable of reaching through all of our barriers to give us the Truth. I pray that this will be the case with your brother. Do not forget that with God all things are possible.

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