Lesson 4 Question 6

  • Mentor

    Question 6. Please respond to your student using parts of your own story to identify with them.

    Dave writes, "Wow Jack you could have been describing me! I was so enslaved to pornography I fooled myself into believing I was just that way, perverted a deviant. Deep in my soul I knew that was a lie but since I couldn't resist I used that logic as my excuse to keep sinning. I know now that satan enslaved me in one of his most powerful baits. Poronography and other impurity. Good news though! As powerful as satans pull on us with pornography is, the power of the cross is stronger!
    Jesus defeated satan and death. His victory was and is for us to share. Satan is a strong enemy but a defeated enemy. Satan can only defeat us if we allow him to. We already have victory over sin when we choose to believe in and go to the cross. Do you see how Jesus' victory gives us victory through the power of believing in His cross?"