Prayer for Finances

  • I was recently offered a new job that would require me to move a long distance. As I budgeted for this transition, it became clear that while I would be able to afford my first month's rent (February) and security deposit, I would not be able to afford my second month's rent (March) because the new job starts on February 25, and I would not receive my first paycheck until the 15th of March, two weeks after my second month's rent is due.

    If willing, please pray that the Lord would provide for me financially in this.

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    @Matthew-Sims Father I thank You for Matthew and ask that You would make this clear to him whether to make this move into this new job. We can trust You because You always provide everything we need for life and godliness. Lord thank You that although we plan our ways, You direct our steps. May the resources be Matthew's according to Your plan and timing in his life. Thank You for Matthew's ministry and life here as he shares the gospel with hurting students. May they both continue to bear fruit in the gospel. In Jesus name, amen.

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    @Matthew-Sims as a landlord (I have 8 residential houses), I always listen to my renters when they come with request to extend the payment to a different date because of circumstances. When they ask ahead of time - I am far more understanding than waiting until a missed payment - then find out the "why, I am late." Talk to your landlord and offer a "late fee" payment as well.

    Heavenly Father, Thank You for how You always provide and meet our needs. I pray that Matthew will have the opportunity to be a witness to his landlord and demonstrate humility and honesty. May the landlord be willing to work with Matthew and that this will be the beginning of a great opportunity to share the love of Christ and the Gospel. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  • Thanks, Bill and Erick 🙂 I will think about reaching out to them about extending the payment due date.

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