Lesson 30 Sharing

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    Question 3. What spiritual and physical changes have taken place in your life over the previous 30 lessons?

    Cristy writes;

    I have noticed a lot of changes! First of all I have a closeness to God that I've never had before. I have been putting food in front of God for so long I forgot what it felt like to be close to God! I have noticed that I can walk into a grocery store and not have this pull or craving for food! Its just food and I am no longer in love with it! My clothes are loser and I can now where my pants and be comfortable in them. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't button my pants! I feel so free that I no longer have to follow a plan or a program or eat at weird times of the day or avoid certain foods! I've only lost 7 lbs but I've gained so much more! I am now working out and I love how my new body feels. I feel so much light, all the way around!

    Question 5. Please share any anything else you want to say or ask with us.

    Cristy Writes;

    I want to thank God and your team for sending me that email that said that Setting Captives Free had changed the format and had updated the lessons! I got three emails and after the third email, I said, "Okay Lord, I get the message!" So here I am for the third time trying to be set free for overeating, here we go again! I had no idea that I would not only really be set free this time but I also really finished the lessons this time! YEAH GOD!! With the other attempts I had tried so hard to finish the lessons but, I gave up! It was just too hard! I felt like I had no one to help me and I wasn't getting anywhere, so why bother!! What lies I listened to and how Satan had me so convenience, that my life was hopeless! Oh, what a fool I was!! I am FREE, I am FREE!! I know the truth, I know the truth about me and how much I am loved and how blessed I am and I am no longer under the worlds laws of food restrictions! I know my worth and I know who I am! . . .

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    @Kelly-Dorsey Oh Kelly and Cristy, what an utter joy to read this testimony of 'I am FREE, I am FREE!!' of gluttony because of one Person - Jesus - Who gave the one right solution - the powerful gospel!