New Weight Loss Course Testimony

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    Jodi writes:

    "I have completed the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course; I lost 15 pounds the last time I checked. (I only weigh once a month to avoid losing my focus on the Lord.) My clothes are looser, and I have enough energy to walk each night with my dog now.*

    I have a long way to go, but I really feel that the Lord has made lifelong changes in me now. One of the best changes is that God is delivering me from my obsession with food. I finally feel like I'm not buried underneath this stronghold of eating excess food anymore! As I keep my focus on Jesus and fill up on His Word, I find that the food just does not call to me as much anymore. Food used to be more important to me than following God, but not anymore!

    This Bible study has helped me greatly; I feel closer to the Lord than I have in years! Now that I am not spending my time thinking about food, diets, weight, my body aka myself, I have so much more time to spend getting to know my Lord. I have become so grateful for all He did for me on the cross and in my life, and I want to abandon anything that is getting in the middle of my relationship with Him! I spend most of my spare time now when I'm not with my family, soaking in His Presence by prayer, reading my Bible, doing Bible studies, and reading helpful Christian books. All these things are making me fall in love with Jesus even more.

    I am so thankful to not have to spend all my time focused on food and diets. Just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full and go on with my day. Now when I do feel a little bit annoyed with having to wait until I am hungry to eat, I just remind myself how much Jesus suffered on the cross for me and that we are called to suffer too! I used to just glossed over that part in the Bible, but now I have such a greater understanding of how we as believers are called to suffer. I am blessed that I don't have to suffer anywhere near what our brothers and sisters in some other countries have to suffer, and I'm not suffering anywhere near what Jesus had to suffer on the cross all because of me! I am determined with the Holy Spirit's help to never let food control me again!

    I have recommended this course to all my friends. It is wonderful, it helped me keep my focus on Jesus. It was encouraging and not condemning. Anyone can have a changed life through Jesus Christ! Praise God!"

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  • Thanks for this testimony. I just finished day 1 of this journey. I pray I too can be set free from the bondage to food. Praised God for your 15lbs loss thus far!

  • @Mike-Cleveland This is an awesome testimony!!! I do not have a mentor, so I wanted to access the forum but I also do not do facebook, so maybe I cannot really access the forum? Only respond to certain emails? As you can tell, I am not very tech savvy - I just use my tablet for very basic things. Any information about this would be appreciated.

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    @Lisa-Krueger Hi Lisa, you're on the forum just fine. As long as you are signed in on the Setting Captives Free website you have access to the forum. Any other questions don't hesitate to contact us.

  • @Lisa-Krueger Hi Lisa I'm a Mentor here. ☺ , we can certainly see your comments. Feel free to ask questions and request prayer as often as needed here.

  • So are you all following the guide that says to do a "half day, juice day and fast day"? Or are you just only eating when you are hungry?

  • @Mike-Cleveland Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this testimony. I am on a similar journey! So meaningful!!

  • @Laurie-Bolen Hi Laurie, glad you're here with us. the New Weight Loss course doesn't have a food guide. Are you taking the new course 🙂

  • @Kelly-Dorsey good to know

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