Lesson 46 Question 10

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    Question 10. What final thoughts or questions do you have for us today? Please share them here:

    Adam writes, "I would like to share a testimony. And it is so in context of today's lesson, although it was based on the application of the previous lesson's main passage from Revelations 12:11... "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."
    My family left for work and school, so I was alone at home, getting ready for work. I was suddenly overwhelmed by lustful thoughts and was very aware that I was alone and could do whatever I wanted. I fought with thoughts of whether to view porn or not - arguments, will power, excuses, verses, songs, reasoning were all just flying though my mind. There was a point I was sitting in from of the monitor, my fingers on the keyboard... I thought, "no, wait, it can't be that easy to just throw myself into sin". I decided to walk to work, win some time, 'cool off' and maybe speak to the LORD.
    I walked. It's about 45 minutes along the seashore. Beautiful raining weather and fresh sea air. I said Lord, I believe everything about you and the gospel. I have know doubts about who you are and what you did and why you did it and how it works. I believe. I understand, but there is one thing I don't get. I don't get emotional about it. I don't feel broken about it. The cross does not tear me up; it rather gives me hope, and gives me a reason to rejoice. I can understand why I can be broken because of sin, but I am not all torn up about it... I continued to tell the Lord that I need to be made aware of the impact of the gospel, and that it needs to touch my heart and take effect in my life.
    Then I remembered the lesson and verse of Revelations 12:11 and I remember the conversation between us and the devil. And that is when I suddenly was speaking to the devil.
    He told me that what was happening to me was a need that needed to be satisfied. I need to view porn and satisfy the lust of the flesh. He said I tried to get away, but I will not be able to for long; that I would fall because I needed to gratify myself and I had the opportunity. He basically said I could not really say not (that I was just playing for time) and that I would eventually have to obey my lust, implying that I had not choice... which implied I was still under his rule and in bondage to him.
    And that is when I started preaching the blood of the Lamb to him, explaining what I believe and what Jesus did for me and to him on the cross and that he was under the wrong impression, thinking he was speaking to the dead old me, when I told him, and reminded him of the blood of Jesus that cleansed me, and set me free and killed the old man under satan's bondage and left him in the tomb, and that the one he was speaking to now, was the resurrected me in Christ. And the more I was preaching, the angrier I was getting... Fortunately our population is sparse, otherwise I may have ended in a straitjacket...
    I went on to apply Revelations 12:11, telling Satan that the life I now live I live unto Christ, and He in me, and I will not do my will but His will. I would not love my life unto the death, but allow Christ to live through me, and so I would not do Satan's will (which I do not need to - I am free); nor my old man's will (which I do not need to - I am free); but Christ's will (because I am free to do so and want to do so)... and finally... I told that old serpent that I would tell what happened today as a word of my testimony of the victory that Christ gave me over Satan today - that like Jesus crushed him at the cross, so Jesus gave me the power to trample on his head today, and so, the end of it, is that through all Satan's efforts and schemes, Jesus is the One who will receive all the gory and pray and worship and power and blessing for keeping me from falling today.
    Satan scampered away and said he will be back and that my little victory is not forever. I 'shouted' that I am not worried about 'forever', but what I do know is that Jesus saved me NOW!
    This is a condensed version of my testimony..."