Prayer for Cindy

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    Friends, could we please be praying for a dear sister-in-Christ, Cindy, who has a serious heart condition with two aortic aneurysms which have worsened in recent times. Cindy will be going for further extensive testing on April 9 with the possibility of complex heart surgery. Cindy has written:
    " I would love to have more prayers from strong believers. I am standing on the word of God. Thank you Jesus, by your stripes at the cross, I was already healed, and it will manifest in your time and in your way!"

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    @Joce-Gordon Sure will. I can't imagine the stress of walking around with an aneurysm that might go any moment. Praying for a spirit of peace to pervade Cindy in the coming weeks also.

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    @Joce-Gordon What I love about this is, that Cindy has already received healing at the cross and knows it! “Thank you Jesus, by your stripes at the cross, I was already healed...” For we are truly healed by Jesus’ stripes though we suffer for little while until we receive our new bodies totally free from any form of sin and decay!

    Father thank You for Cindy, that she is not losing heart through issues of life and the fact that her “outer self” is wasting away but is being renewed day by day. Lord I’m asking for wisdom for the doctors, healing for Cindy’s heart, and thanking You for her heart that has been set free at the cross. I pray that Your ultimate will for her life would be to bring You glory now and into eternity. In Jesus name. Amen!

  • I'm praying too! 🙏 I know that's got to be stressful! Praise God that the Lord has carried the burden of every stress for every sickness in His body on the Cross. Praying that out of His fullness He grants here sustaining peace.

  • @Rob-Robertson Thank you for your prayers for peace. I am so lucky that my aorta has not bulged in the way we think of an aneurysm. In my case, the whole aorta is enlarged and weakened. They keeping monitoring it to catch it before it starts separating or bulging. Since July it has increased in size .4 cm. putting me closer to surgery. It is still considered stable. Praise the Lord for His continued faithfulness!

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    @Rob-Robertson Thank you so much Rob for your prayers for a spirit of peace to pervade Cindy. They are being answered. Cindy writes with permission to share:

    "Through Jesus' death, He has provided eternal comfort for me. At the cross, Jesus took all my pain and suffering. He faced every demon in my life, so I don't have to. I don't have to fear my health issues because Jesus is already there and He has everything worked out. I only have to think about getting through today. Because of the cross I don't have to worry about tomorrow. He will take care of tomorrow. At the cross, He took it all for me, so I can live a joyful and worry free life. Just looking to the cross sets my heart free to focus on shalom...the peace and comfort he gave to me."

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