Benefits of God’s Love

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By Gail Schmidt - Volunteer for Setting Captives Free
April 22, 2022
God’s love poured out for us so long ago is the foundation for our lives. John 3:16 tells us that God so loved the world, that He sent our Savior to die. In His death, He provided salvation for us. We are forgiven and given eternal life.
God’s love poured into Jesus because He loved His Son. Jesus’s love was poured out over us because He loved His Father and us. Saving grace we have been given through love which never ends. (John 15:9-11)
How can we express our love for our Savior is a question we should ask ourselves. We do this by being obedient to God’s call on our lives. We love the Lord with all that we are. We love others more than ourselves. (1 John 5:3, Romans 8:7)
As we grow and mature, through the Spirit in us, we are given so much. Joy fills our hearts. God’s peace falls upon us. We are filled with hope as we wait for our Savior’s return. (Romans 15:13)
Let us give thanks to the Lord. Let us. Praise His Holy Name. For His steadfast love, which endures forever, continually glows over us. (Psalm 107:1)