Substance Abuse

Finding freedom

This is a 30 lesson course designed to help men and women be free from substance abuse of all kinds (alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.), through the life-changing power of the gospel.
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When Jesus sets us free, we are indeed free! In this inspiring testimony, Joseph shares his journey from the grip of drunkenness to ultimate freedom. Watch this video to hear Joseph unveil the transformative power of the Gospel, sharing his story of divine intervention and redemption. Through his testimony, may you find renewed hope and faith, knowing that the cross has the power to set you free.
Djamila writes, "The biblical principles of the Freedom from Substance Abuse course make me feel like I just got converted all over again. I will hold on to them for the rest of my walk with God. I will use them as a path back to God when I feel my heart getting hard or stumble in sin. When I started this plan, my heart was the hardest it had ever been. I was ready to go back to living for myself, and I couldn't care less, but God intervened through this study. Now, there's no more weed on my Instagram timeline. I go to the cross frequently to be cleansed. I have adopted a warrior's mindset against my sin, and I make sure to keep God close through studying His Word and praying. If you have a hard heart due to substance abuse, I recommend this study to you. If you humble yourself and pray to God to change your heart, you will find freedom. In the beginning, you might feel like it won't help but trust God and surrender to Him. He will set you free through the power of the gospel."
Michael writes, "I am now free from tobacco and alcohol abuse. The Lord has completely enhanced my life to center around Him. He has saved my life and my soul."
I recommend this study. It helps you be mindful, stay diligent in the word and in prayer daily, and develop a specific God-driven plan."
Setting Captives Free mentors are not available to students under the age of 16. We encourage minor students to involve their parents, pastor, or other church leaders in their studies.