A United Front

A course for spouses

This is a 30 day course designed to offer gospel centered hope and help to those who have a spouse involved with sexual impurity.
If you are a student seeking freedom from sexual impurity, please enroll in the Purity Boot Camp course.
A mentor will be assigned to you if one is available at the time of your enrollment. You will be notified through email if you are assigned to a mentor. If you are not assigned to a mentor immediately, then you will be placed in a queue to receive one.
If you request and receive a Setting Captives Free volunteer mentor, you will see their responses to your lesson beneath your answers to the questions. Mentors typically respond within a day after you submit your lesson. It would be helpful to respond to your mentor, and you may do so by clicking the "reply" link directly underneath their comments. Ask your mentor questions, reply to their questions, interact with them to get the most out of the opportunity.
Megan writes, "God has used The United Front Course at Setting Captives Free to really change my life! My perspective on my marriage was muddled by worldly point of views. Each day I would begin to understand how I wasn't living in Gospel truth but yet was trying to control my pain. Through Setting Captives Free, Christ helped me to lean in on His promises, trust in Him fully, and Rejoice in His work. I know now that I can live in Joy while in pain! I choose Jesus! I want Him to change my heart each day as I prayerfully seek Him. As my marriage begins to change and become Gospel centered, I will keep my eyes focused on Jesus. My mentor was incredible and helped me learn what it really means to have a Gospel mindset. God promises that our suffering will not last and even through our suffering we can have joy. I feel that joy and an inner peace the more I put my hope in Christ!"
Chiko writes: "Setting Captives Free has truly changed my life! This ministry has brought me to know Christ and revealed the Gospel in a way that I had never seen before. Before the course I only dealt with me, my feelings, my hurt, how bad others were etc. Now I know that this life I live is to be lived only to the glory of God. I have received his grace and forgiveness and have fixed my eyes on the cross. Every affliction I encounter just reminds me how my soul is anchored in the Hope I have in Christ. I am now more happy, grateful, joyful, thankful, content, hopeful and always rejoicing. I see my Spouse in a whole different light. Thank you so much."