A United Front

A course for spouses

This is a 30 day course designed to offer gospel centered hope and help to those who have a spouse involved with sexual impurity.   

Megan writes, "God has used The United Front Course at Setting Captives Free to really change my life! My perspective on my marriage was muddled by worldly point of views. Each day I would begin to understand how I wasn't living in Gospel truth but yet was trying to control my pain. Through Setting Captives Free, Christ helped me to lean in on His promises, trust in Him fully, and Rejoice in His work. I know now that I can live in Joy while in pain! I choose Jesus! I want Him to change my heart each day as I prayerfully seek Him. As my marriage begins to change and become Gospel centered, I will keep my eyes focused on Jesus. My mentor was incredible and helped me learn what it really means to have a Gospel mindset. God promises that our suffering will not last and even through our suffering we can have joy. I feel that joy and an inner peace the more I put my hope in Christ!"
Emily writes, "I am so thankful I found the United Front Course. The course focuses on the awesomeness of our Savior and the power of what He did on the cross and how that applies to my life. Whether it's power over sin, healing, newness of life, etc. What awesome things our Savior sufferered to give to us!! I learned how important it is to display Christ to my husband and others around me. I learned how important it is to be a united front with my husband as well. We need to be a team in our Savior and this honors God. A United Front points you to the gospel of Christ continually and when I focus on Christ and let His love fill my life I can turn around and let that overlfow to others. That is a huge testimony to anyone! I was humbled by the immense love of Christ (over and over throughout the course) and His attributes. If Christ can be humble, meek, forgiving, longsuffering, etc when He was so horribly treated than I can too. The course really taught me to look to the Savior at the cross instead of my circumstances. I am DEEPLY loved by my Savior. This makes all the difference and TRANSFORMS your thoughts, feelings, and life. We have true hope in Jesus Christ. Praise God!!!"