A United Front

Healing for spouses

This is a 30 day course designed to offer gospel centered hope and help to those who have a spouse involved with sexual impurity.
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Jody Cleveland wrote this course for the spouses of students enrolled in the purity courses at Setting Captives Free.
If your spouse struggles with sexual impurity, this course is designed to help your heart heal and to equip you to respond to your spouse in a gospel-centered way.
If you would rather go through this course material offline, it is available in a workbook format.
Janet writes, "I found the United Front course through my husband, who was going through the Purity Bootcamp. Impurity had come to light in our marriage as my husband had confessed to a long struggle with sexual impurity spanning our whole 30 years of marriage. I was broken emotionally and spiritually. Through the course, I began to focus on my relationship with the Lord. When I began walking with the Lord daily through this course, my heart really began to change, and my own sin was revealed. I realized I was living a legalistic Christian life. This course really helped me understand the freedom of Christianity and what Jesus did on the cross for me. The change in my heart has been night and day. My anxiety has turned to peace and joy. I no longer stress over perfection, and I relax into the Holy Spirit. I am truly living a Spirit-led life, and I am no longer alone. I have a comforter in Jesus. I look to him to complete me, not my husband. I am thankful for the biblical truths in this course.
My husband and I have surrendered ourselves to Jesus and are walking in the Holy Spirit daily. We have found true forgiveness, and we are on the path to restoration and reconciliation. We have agreed to keep what Jesus has done for us at the forefront of our marriage and live through the leading of the Holy Spirit. This has improved our attitude and communication towards each other. This has allowed for true intimacy in our marriage. We have found so many things that we love doing together instead of being apart. Our marriage has so much joy and peace in it. I am thankful for Setting Captives Free because we are truly free.
I recommend this course. Open your mind and heart to the course, and take time to pray and reflect on what is being taught. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you what Jesus' ministry was truly about. It truly is easy to forgive when you understand what Jesus has truly done for you. We don't have to listen to the world or live like victims when we have Jesus, who came to set us free."

Shante shared this testimony when she completed the A United Front course:
"Before starting the A United Front course, I was paralyzed with fears and anxieties as a spouse whose husband would succumb to sexual impurities. I didn't view my husband through the lens of the Gospel; in my mind, I just wanted the sin to stop, and I often felt my husband was a lost cause. But God, with His mercy and grace, His goodness and kindness shined His face upon me when he prompted my husband to ask me if I would take this course. Like many others, I felt my husband alone was the cause of our marriage woes, but I was wrong. I never saw my sin for what it was. This course constantly pointed me to Christ, and His love and compassion for us even when we didn't deserve it. I am so humbled to recognize what Jesus Christ did for my husband and for me too. I needed forgiveness and stop minimizing my sins of ungodly anger, harsh words, and a bitter heart. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and that includes me. It was so humbling to realize how self-righteous I was; the Gospel caused me to repent and ask my husband for his forgiveness for how harsh I treated him in the past. Settings Captives Free taught me that my husband and I are partners, and our perfect bond of unity is held together by the love of Christ. The prayers I received and the life-giving words (Scripture) that I received was truly life-changing. I finally desire my husband, something I have been longing for, for quite some time. I thank the Lord for all those who take the time to help others at their most vulnerable state by pointing them to Christ. May the Lord richly bless this ministry. I recommend this course and encourage everyone who takes it to look to Christ and know that they are never alone in this war against the enemy, the world, and the flesh. We have a Helper and Comforter always, no matter how good or bad we feel, and we have our spouses who, despite their flaws and imperfections, are still a gift to us. Transforming our minds by the Word enables us to see how much of a blessing it is to live in harmony and unity with our spouses by the grace of God. Unity comes from Christ because we are brothers and sisters in Christ as well as spouses. We have each other in the body of Christ to sharpen each other, encourage each other, and pray for each other. What a blessing it is to be apart of the family of God."

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