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Purity course student Ryan writes:
The Purity course was amazing. How it was put together to relate the Old and New Testaments was so enlightening for me. Before this course, I never could relate to or even understand what I was reading in my Bible. After taking this course, I can now open my Bible to any page and understand its relationship to the cross. How amazing and freeing this is! I am so happy with the progress I made regarding the bondage that I was in; now I can say that I am free. My wife told me yesterday that she has seen such an improvement in my attitude, my lovingness towards her and my children, and overall my mental health has drastically improved. THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR MY HEALING!!!!! This course has connected me with GOD better than anything else in this world. I would love to see this course out in churches more. More sponsorships would help take this course even further. This course brought the gospel into a new light which allowed me to understand it. Not only that, but through this course and the healing power of Christ my life has been saved, and I have a new hope. I was on the brink of suicide many time over the past year. My doctors had put me on so many meds to help "make me happy," but all it did was numb me. Now with the knowledge of Christ flowing through me, I can finally breathe freely for the first time. Thank you for allowing God to work through you all to make this course. It is truly a blessing.