Called in Love

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By Gail Schmidt, Volunteer for Setting Captives Free
August 25, 2022
There are times in our lives when God uses worldly things to remind us of eternal things. This happened to me recently. The song lyrics of a worldly song were used by God to clearly show me His eternal love.
These lyrics by Stevie Wonder have been playing in my mind over the last few days.
"I just called to say I love you. I just called to say I care. I just called to say I love you. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart."
What followed these lyrics was God reminding me how many times in my life He has called me by name to remember His great love for me. (Isaiah 43:1).
He has pursued me in love my whole life. He has guided me and taken care of me in all things. (Ezekiel 34:11)
He has shown me the deepest possible love that He could ever have. He gave up His only beloved Son to die for my sins. (John 3:16) In me He has put His Spirit to guide me in every step I take. (1 Corinthians 3:16, John16:13)
He has given me His Word as His Book of Love to draw me to Himself.
No one loves me more than this. For in love, Jesus died for me. In love, God gave up His best for me. In love, God has given me His Spirit of truth. In love, God gave me His best.
God calls each of us to Himself in love. He calls us by name. Let us respond in loving obedience when we hear Him calling us. (John 14:23)
God calls us in love. God cares for us. God gave us His heart. Let us give Him ours.