The Price for Grace

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By Kelly Dorsey - Volunteer for Setting Captives Free
November 21, 2021
Category: Kelly's Korner
Kick him, punch him, smack him, they bust his nose. Beat him so bad, he's out his clothes. They laughing at him, they spitting at him, pulling at his beard, they clawing at him.
Every step he takes, they backhand slap him, blacked out for a minute they throw water at him. He thinks to himself, "this has to happen", surrounded by these dogs, that's barking at him.
He gets no rest, he gets no sleep, they take their turns, jabbing at his cheeks. "Close your eyes, now prophecy", they mock and ask him, "who kicked your side".
Now he's in a circle, mob yelling, screaming, cursing "son of God" we gonna hurt you.
Blood and tears, they flood his face, he thinks to himself "this is the price for grace".
Now he's on the ground, wearing a thorny crown, these killers crowd him, nails ready to pound him.
A bloody Cross He chose, this Calvary road, to bring you close, to wear his robe. This is his life, your sacrifice, He became your Sin, to make you His wife.