Gospel light in darkness

This 30 lesson course is a study offering gospel encouragement for those struggling with depression.
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This 30-lesson course is a study for those struggling with depression.
Iris writes: "Depression makes sure it is felt, seen, heard, smelled, and tasted. Depression doesn't stay an acquaintance. It fights to make its presence known. It is felt in blows to the head and cuts to the wrists. Seen in everyday tasks left undone. Heard in loud cries and sad music. Smelled in dirty clothes and burnt suicidal letters. And tasted in binge foods and pills." You will read of Iris' healing in the first lesson of this course.
Harris writes, "I would like to thank God for these lessons and of course I would like to give glory to God for what he did on the cross for me. I came here with depression that was influencing me for decades. I knew in my head that Christ did something about this on the cross but did not really be able to live it. Since I started the lessons here I begun to see, be aware, how Jesus was taking on himself my sins, burdens, sorrows, that He indeed actually did something and went all the way for my situation. The cross is the reverse of sin and depression. He who begun a good work in me is faithful to finish it.Thank you Lord Jesus for suffering my pain. Thank you Lord and I give to you all the glory. Amen"
Olivia writes, "An opportunity arose from someone suffering from depression and I told them how I used to take anti-depressants and how I steadily became worse. The Lord led me to Setting Captives Free and the Freedom from Depression course and I experienced a radical change. By God's grace and with the guidance of my doctor, I was able to get off my medication. Now I rely on the Word of God. I am mentally healthier now than I was. I still go into depression, but it's not as severe as it was, and when I turn to the Lord, He brings me peace through His Word, and it will leave me."