Fear and Anxiety

Finding Freedom

This course is a 30 day devotional for overcoming Fear and Anxiety through the power of the cross of Christ.
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What you are about to read in this course is unlike any book, blog, or counseling session you have ever experienced on fear and anxiety. Rather than focus on the problems, in a never-ending loop that always points back to ourselves, this study is a panoramic view that will draw your heart and your vision up to the crescendo of human history - the cross of Calvary. There your heart will be won to Christ, relieved of fear, set free from anxiety, and built up and encouraged in the Lord. Through this course, expect your heart to be cut and cured, hurt, and healed all at the same time.
This study is written by Joce Gordon, who has been a long-time mentor with all of us here at Setting Captives Free. Joce has experienced the paralyzing grip of fear, the depths of anxiety and panic, and has found the freeing and uplifting solution in the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.
My wife, Jody, and I found ourselves in tears many times while studying through and editing this course. Sometimes the love pouring off the pages captured my vision and my heart at the same time, and I was swept up and away to the glories of Calvary. During this study, I was seeing a love so wide and so deep and so long and so high that I could barely take it all in. And in the end, I found my faith greatly strengthened, my spiritual eyesight greatly illumined, and my heart greatly encouraged. I can't wait for you to see what I mean.
--Mike Cleveland, Founder and President of Setting Captives Free