Living and Growing in the Gospel

A Study of 1 Corinthians

This is a study of the book of 1 Corinthians written by Pastor Mike Cleveland. It is a study for everyone who wants to live out and continue to grow in their faith.
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1 Corinthians is an essential study for every believer because it defines the gospel and its significance to our lives, teaches us how to deal with the issues of life within the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and instructs us on what it means to mature spiritually.
As we study, we will see our universal need for grace and our Savior's generous provision of it through His death on the cross and His victorious resurrection. We will understand the hope we have in Christ and not in our own efforts, and we will rejoice in the transforming power of the gospel and learn how we can embrace the priorities of the cross in our daily lives.
To the natural mind, it seems senseless to hope that the cross of Christ could achieve redemption and freedom for us, but it is at the cross that God reveals His love, wisdom, power, and glory. And this is why the gospel teaches us to boast in nothing but "Jesus Christ and him crucified."
This study intends to help you grow in your faith and also to help you help others mature in their faith. If you’ve wanted to become stronger in faith, to grow deeper into Christ, if you’ve wanted a wider range of theological understanding intending to change and grow, this study of 1 Corinthians is for you.
1 Corinthians teaches us that new Christians and people maturing in their faith need the gospel equally. To grow and continue deepening in our faith in Jesus Christ, becoming more like Him in our lives, requires that we continually receive the good news of Christ crucified and learn how to apply it and walk it out in our daily lives.
If you are a new believer or an old one, this course will be beneficial to you. Join us as we carefully consider this helpful book of the Bible and learn how to live and grow in the gospel!
This study is good when used individually, better between two people, and best when used in a small group.