Lesson 1 Enjoyment of Media

Welcome and Question 1

Welcome to Setting Captives Free, we are glad that you’ve decided to study with us.
My name is Mike Cleveland, and I’m the author of this course. I’m writing this course because of the very real need for people to see both the benefits of media (and how to enjoy it) and also the dangers of media addiction (and how to avoid it).
Our course is very simple to use. Just come here daily (or as often as you’d like) and read the Scripture studies, answer the questions, and then within 24 hours you will get a response from your online mentor. Our mentors have taken this course, proceeded on to take the mentorship course, and have volunteered to assist others in this course. You can ask them questions and interact with them, and they will provide feedback to you, but please remember that each mentor has multiple students and a limited time to respond to each.
We will also include other student’s comments throughout the course so that you can see their thoughts and answers as well.
We have made it easy for you to share anything that you read in the course. To see the ease of sharing in multi-media, please watch the following video.

Question 1. Please take a minute and tell us about yourself. What interests do you have and what brings you to our course here today?

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Media Addiction