Lesson 1 The Ministry of Mentoring

Questions 2 and 3

  • All prospective mentors must be Gospel-focused. At Setting Captives Free we hold closely to the gospel (not psychology or behavioral approaches based on self-effort). We hold to a ministry of grace through which God transforms the hearts of people by the work of the Holy Spirit, and not through our own efforts at self-righteousness. We know the gospel is “the power of God” (Romans 1:16-17) both for salvation and for life-change (1 Corinthians 1:18). If you are accepted as a mentor you will be utilizing the gospel in your communication with students.

Question 2. What is the gospel? Please share chapter and verse from the Bible that defines the gospel.

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Question 3. Are you a member of a local church or attending regularly with plans to join in the future? If yes, please tell us the name of your church denomination, if there is one. Otherwise, just type Non-denominational.

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  • All prospective mentors with Setting Captives Free must have the approval of their pastor or an elder from their local church.
The next step will contain a link for you to send to your pastor, teacher, elder, small group leader, etc. so that this approval form can be completed online. Alternatively, you may download the approval form in a PDF format for printing so that the form may be completed off line.
Mentorship Course