Lesson 1 Getting Started

Introduction (Spiritual)

The Setting Captives Free weight loss course focuses on two main things which are spelled out in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, and 1 Corinthians 15:31. Here they are:

First, Receive the gospel of Jesus Christ daily. Paul says, "I passed on to you what I received, of which this was most important: that Christ died for our sins, as the Scriptures say; 4 that he was buried and was raised to life on the third day as the Scriptures say" (1 Corinthians 15:3-4 NCV). Paul received this gospel initially in salvation, as do we.

But we also receive this message in sanctification (life change) daily (see John 17:17). We are to study the Word of God every day, receiving this good news again, just like we did the first time. This is how we are sanctified and transformed. The study of God's Word renews our minds and transforms our hearts and lives (Romans 12:1-2), if we are seeing the gospel in it. This renewing of our minds enables us to see the gospel everywhere in life, all throughout our day: in songs, and in creation, books, movies, etc. If you've not developed a daily habit of studying God's Word, looking for the gospel, it is important to do so. 

Second, apply the gospel of Jesus Christ daily. Paul says, "I die every day." (1 Corinthians 15:31 NCV). Paul meant that He was applying the gospel to his daily life; dying to his flesh, dying to the world's allurements, dying to the devil's temptations. 

Let's make this practical:

Let's say, for example, you are 100 pounds overweight. Success for you is not to lose the 100 pounds while taking this course, rather success is when you, today, receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in His Word, and when you, today, apply the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
If, today, you are studying God's Word, looking for the message of good news, receiving the gospel; and if, today, you are applying the gospel, that is, dying to your flesh with its desire to overeat and be lazy, then you are having a successful day. 
That's it! That's what this course is going to encourage you to do. And if you are doing these two things, and you do them daily, you will eventually lose the 100 pounds. 

Because the focus is to be on receiving the gospel daily and applying the gospel daily, we are going to ask you two accountability questions every day. The questions will simply be, 1) "Have you received the gospel of Jesus Christ today in your study of God's Word?" And, 2) "Have you applied the gospel of Jesus Christ today in the area of eating and exercise?"

We recommend weighing weekly because it is a good indicator of whether or not what you are doing is working, and so, we will ask you on every seventh lesson to state whether your weight is up, down or the same. 

Each lesson is divided into sections. When you submit a section the site will save your answers and mark your place. Should you leave the site for any reason, you will be able to pick up where you left off when you return.  

Important! Please do not give one sentence answers when you are asked to share answers to the Scripture questions, or your thoughts, feelings, insights or understanding. It is important to be thoughtful and intentional when you are answering the questions. It is better to go through the course material slowly and carefully even if that means you can only complete one or two sections a day. Think about that section, consider how it applies, how does it affect your heart, etc. Then write your response in a thorough manner. You will do far better if you slow down, be deliberate in your studies, and be thorough in your answers. 

Also, we have purposefully placed numerous links to sermons, short audio or video clips, songs, etc. throughout the lessons, please take the time to click on them and listen/watch as they are strategically placed to assist in reinforcing the lesson. 

"Remember that it is not hasty reading--but serious meditation on holy and heavenly truths, which makes them prove sweet and profitable to the soul. It is not the mere touching of the flower by the bee which gathers honey--but her abiding for a time on the flower which draws out the sweet. It is not he who reads most, but he who meditates most--who will prove to be the choicest, sweetest, wisest and strongest Christian." Thomas Brooks

We're looking forward to walking with you in this powerful, gospel transformation weight loss course.

Question 1. What are the two main focal points of this course as given in this introduction?

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If you said, "Receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ daily by studying God's Word, and applying the gospel of Jesus Christ daily" you are right. I hope you did not merely say "studying God's Word and applying it" for that leaves the gospel out, and if we leave the gospel out we leave the power of God out (Romans 1:16-17, 1 Corinthians 1:18).

Before you move on to lesson 1, I want to share with you something that will help you succeed in your desire to lose weight. There is one main difference between those who succeed and those who don't. Here it is: those who succeed continue on and finish the course. Simple, right?

Here's what happens: some go through the course and have a stumble or fall into overeating and they let that derail them and they stop and quit. Others have the same stumble or fall into overeating but they continue on in the course. They succeed. Let me show you one example of a lady named Diane who wrote the following on Lesson 51:

Diane writes, "I am having an amazing experience. I kept working on this course, even though for a long time I still was overeating and bingeing. But, I was asked for first one, then two small goals. I chose drinking more water first, then stretching. I listened. And then I did those two small things daily. Eventually, I stopped bingeing and overeating and started eating appropriate amounts of healthy food. It's been more than two weeks. And this is a MIRACLE. Then, I went back to the gym. I go three times a week. And it feels good. This week, I even took a short class. I also am breaking out of my lethargy and getting some work done. It is only by Grace that I am eating well, exercising and working again. I know that sounds so simple, but it is huge. And I feel closer to God, and I understand Jesus more. I put my faith first. I know a transformation is underway, and I am deeply grateful."

This is the value of perseverance, of continuing on, of keeping going even when it seems hard. Will you be one who goes through the course all the way, no matter what happens? I pray that you will.