Weight Loss Bootcamp

A Gospel-centered approach

This is a 30 lesson course designed to offer gospel centered teaching on losing weight. It is ideal for personal study as well as group study.
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This is a 30-lesson course designed to offer gospel-centered teaching on losing weight. There is also a 30-lesson follow-up study for continuing to learn and lose weight. Both are ideal for personal study as well as group study.
Crystal writes:
I thank God that He brought me to this course. I recommend it highly. The principles that are taught bring us right to the word of God. Jesus is taught from the beginning to the end. My one suggestion is to follow it to the letter. Read every word, every testimony, watch every video, meditate on all scripture provided. God used every part to powerfully impact my life.
Kim writes,
"I was able to accept Jesus as Lord of my life while taking the Weight Loss Bootcamp course."

Jackie writes:
Setting Captives Free is the most biblical and detailed understanding of our lives with Christ I have ever had the honor of learning from. Every word, every sentence points us to Jesus and to His word. My heart is changed for it, and I am so much more in love with Jesus than all my 24 years as a Christian. Washing at the cross is key for me. When I am washing at the cross in total attention and focus, I can almost feel the arms of Jesus around me. During the Weight Loss Bootcamp and the Followup courses, I lost 25 pounds!
James left this review on Amazon: *This Is The One That Worked*
I am so glad that Setting Captives Free has published this course in book form! After spending literally decades trying every weight loss program that came my way in fruitless attempts to fix my problem, this refreshingly different approach brought renewed hope, exactly what I needed! Instead of fixating on food, I am learning to fix my eyes on Jesus where true cleansing and change take place and power is available to live differently. With my focus on the cross, I am enjoying weight loss as a natural byproduct rather than an obsessive focus and elusive goal. I highly recommend Setting Caprives Free Weightloss Bootcamp. There is so much more waiting for you in addition to weight loss!
Finally, Cheryle wrote:
"I have struggled with overeating and emotional eating all of my life, literally. I was even prescribed a type of diet pill (a form of 'speed'!) when I was 10! I have suffered through various eating disorders, and obesity. I went to OA meetings for years and rarely saw anyone have healing outside of short, transient amounts of time. This course, for me is, the bottom line and the one, true answer: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Every other weight loss course, product, program falls short because none of them address the real issue: SIN, nor the real solution: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. What freedom there is in shaking off all the dust of the world's 'good ideas for weight loss' and just surrendering to what our Jesus already did for us! I AM GRATEFUL."
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