Lesson 1: Ongoing Heart Change

Question 1

Welcome, friend, so glad you are here!
In the Weight Loss Follow-Up course, we will be going deeper into the truth of God's Word and the principles of freedom that we studied in the Weight Loss Bootcamp. The first truth is that God must change our hearts.
Think of it this way: if God were to make us detest overeating, giving us a passion for being free from it, we would be! If He were to change our hearts, giving us a great desire to die to our flesh, and a real hunger to walk by His Spirit, we would do so!
So, we must seek the Lord for an ongoing heart change daily regarding what we eat, how we eat, and how we care for our bodies, His temple. "...if you eat or drink, or if you do anything, do it all for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31).
We learned about the necessity of seeking the Lord for heart change regarding food and exercise in lesson 1 of Weight Loss Bootcamp, but this heart change is not a one and done experience. The good news is that when we experience ongoing heart change from God, we also experience more of the spiritual and physical benefits of His work in our lives.
Imagine it! If God changed your heart more and made it so that you now love what you once hated, and you now hate what you once loved, in the area of food and exercise, what things would be different for you?

Question 1. Please give a detailed answer as to how your life is different now, having experienced a heart change. Or, how would it be different if God changed your heart more concerning food and exercise? What does/would that change look like for you?

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Sue evidences much growth in this area when she writes, "Well, it's only been 30 days into this new chapter of my life, and so far I am loving it. I have so much energy and my clothes fit better. I’m spending more time with the Lord, He has given me a hunger for it. God has truly blessed me, as I have to say it has been remarkably easy. As far as the eating: very few temptations. I don’t like the feeling of being full and eat much smaller portions. Of course I know that they (temptations) will be coming, but I will be ready, for the Lord has been preparing me. I’ve got the not-overeating thing down, and the fasting, but I still need work on the exercise. “I used to“ work out all the time, now I have lots of excuses. But by the grace of God I will get there."

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