Do you or someone you know have questions about salvation? Questions like: What does "saved" mean? How can I be rescued from condemnation and judgment? How are we saved from God's wrath, and His just punishment of our sins? How can I be at peace with God?
In light of the worldwide pandemic currently in progress as of April 2020, many people are sensing an urgency to be right with God, not knowing how much time they have left on this earth.
Mike and Jody Cleveland, along with Joce Gordon, answer many of these questions in a podcast discussion about Psalm 91:4-8. Whether you are someone who is seeking answers to your questions about God, a believer in God who has questions, or a believer that needs encouragement, this podcast is for you.
If you listened to the podcast, heard the message of the cross, and put your faith in Jesus Christ, please contact us through the form below and share your good news with us. We want to rejoice with you!

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Maybe you came here as a believer who had wandered away from God. Your faith was low, and you were not living in the Light of Christ's love, but now you've heard the message of the cross, and it affected your heart, making you ready to come home to Jesus. We want to hear how the power of the cross of Christ renewed your faith. Please write to us using the contact form below so that we can rejoice with you!

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