Fruit of the Spirit

Tying it all together

How does the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gospel tie together? These 13 lessons will help you understand the power of the Gospel and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  As we come to the Cross, we will find each characteristic of the fruit in the Gospel and displayed at the Cross.
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"This course is rich and full of the gospel and comes complete with videos of Bill teaching the course material in his local church. I highly recommend this course if you are looking for a gospel-saturated study of the fruit of the Spirit!"
Mike Cleveland, Founder of Setting Captives Free

Dan writes, "As with all Christian growth, it is a journey. I gave my life to Christ over 41 years ago, and I learned some new things in this study, gained new perspectives, and was reminded of critical truths that I learned long ago. There is definitely something in this course for everyone, and everyone will benefit from this in-depth examination of their walk with Christ."
Gail writes, "In the Fruit of the Spirit course, I appreciated the explanation of what each fruit word meant, the Old Testament illustrations, how Jesus illustrated each one in His life, death and resurrection, and how He calls me to display them in my life to bring glory to Him. When I come to the cross daily and wash in His life-giving blood, I know I am saved. When I walk with the Spirit, the fruit has a chance to grow in me by His power. I can fight against my flesh so that I will not sin. I have been given all the tools I need to be walking according to God's will for my life and not my own. I have learned in such great detail about the fruits of the Spirit and how they should look in my daily living. This course has helped me stay true to what God wants for my life. It has encouraged me greatly to keep washing at the cross, walking by the Spirit, and fighting my flesh. I encourage others to take this course. I have been a Christian most of my life and wanted more insight into the Fruit of the Spirit. This course gave me that understanding."