Lesson 1 Enjoyment of Media

Questions 3 and 4

We have to understand that media is neither good nor bad. It’s neutral.
There is nothing wrong with the internet, cell phones, TV’s, computers, or tablets by themselves. Nor is there anything inherently wrong with social media, websites, gaming, online news outlets, or other media. They can all be enjoyed and appreciated. But like anything, they have potential to also be overused or used in a way that can damage us or those around us.
We’re here to talk about both of those things; enjoying media and avoiding the damaging aspects of it. Then we want to look at how some good news that God gave long ago can impact us today, the way we live and interact with others, and how we use and enjoy media.

Question 3. What ways do you think that media could be damaging and unhealthy?

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I could tell you stories of people whose lives have been enriched, who have better relationships with their families and friends, and who live fuller lives due to the way in which they use media. Maybe you’re one of them, or maybe you know people who are.
Yet there are also stories of people who have overused it, or used it in the wrong way and have ended up trapped (addicted), or in some other way had their lives and relationships damaged by it.

Question 4. Of the above two different experiences people have had with media (positive or negative), which category (if you had to pick one) would you say you fall into presently? Why?

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