Lesson 1 Enjoyment of Media

Question 2

It’s hard to think of all the ways that technology and media can be beneficial.
Here are some of the ways that I benefit personally:
  • online banking
  • occasionally watching a movie
  • interacting with social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • using flight simulators
  • making 3D home designs
  • reading E-books and articles
  • training for work
  • finding product reviews
  • listening to music
  • texting
  • using GPS navigation
  • taking notes
To do this I typically use a computer, a TV, a tablet, or my smartphone. For this ministry, I use the forum to talk with students and mentors. As a member of this course, you are welcome to use the forum to get answers to questions and encouragement along the way.
In essence, media can be a helpful part of our lives, it certainly is for me, and can enrich us in many ways. There is nothing inherently evil about media or frequent usage of it.

Question 2. What are some things that you use media for and some of the ways you enjoy it?

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Media Addiction