Purity - Follow Up

This is a 60 lesson follow up course to Purity Boot Camp.  Enroll in this course after you complete the Purity Boot Camp course.
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This is a 60 lesson follow up course to Purity Boot Camp. Please do not enroll in this course unless you have completed the Purity Boot Camp course first.
The Purity Boot camp course and corresponding Leader's Guide are available in print for personal or group study. The Purity Follow-up course is in the publication process.
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Lee writes, "I find the principles taught in the Setting Captives Free Purity courses helpful all the time. My thinking has changed. I do not think in the sinful ways I used to think. My God has changed my heart and helped change my mindset. I recommend Setting Captives Free 100 percent. It saved me when I had no place to turn. It shed light on my actions and brought me to Jesus. My hope was restored, and my marriage is going through restoration."
Jonathan writes, "This course is life-changing because Jesus is life-changing. It's the gospel applied to my struggle area of sexual impurity. I have never seen or heard of anything comparable. It has given me hope and encouraged me to grow closer to Jesus. It is a blessing."
Brian writes, "I would like to praise God for his immeasurable grace and inspiration behind the Setting Captives Free website. I have been a Christian since I was a young child and never truly understood the power of the Gospel until now! I always thought of it as my ticket to heaven and it was up to me to pursue sanctification through trying hard to live a righteous life. For many years I pursued this route only to fail on a regular basis. I never realized that the Law was in place for me to realize my personal failure and my need for a Savior in the first place. I have finally realized through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I am truly free of the chains of sin and to daily look to the cross for strength. Thank you for your ministry and may God bless you, and that you will be able to open the eyes of many more people to the truth!"
Listen here to the audio testimony of Erick--a captive set free by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Setting Captives Free mentors are not available to students under the age of 16. We encourage minor students to involve their parents, pastor, or other church leader in their studies.