Lesson 1 Power that Changes Your Heart and Life

Question 1

Greetings and welcome to the Setting Captives Free Purity Follow- Up course. This course is a follow-up course to Purity Bootcamp. If you have not yet taken the Purity Boot Camp course, then please switch over to that course.
As you go through this course, it can be helpful to take notes along the way. A friend of mine wrote to me halfway through the course and said: "I would put a header for each lesson in my Word program, and then copy insights from the lesson of the day under that lesson heading in my notes. That way, when the course is complete, I will have accumulated a large resource of ideas that God revealed within the course, and from which lesson that insight was derived.”

Question 1. As a reminder, what are the three foundational principles of freedom?

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Purity Follow-Up