Lesson 1 Overview and Outline


Greetings and welcome to Setting Captives Free, and to the purity course. My name is Mike Cleveland, I’m the author of this course and one of the volunteers at Setting Captives Free. We are a team of men and women whose lives have been changed by Jesus, through the gospel, and I’m glad to be ministering to you in this way. 

Today I want to give you a brief overview and outline of the course you will be taking, and maybe fill in a few bits of information for you as to how the course operates and what we do here at Setting Captives Free.

This course is designed to be interactive, so you will study some text, watch a screencast, or listen to a short audio clip, watch a video, or listen to a sermon, reflect on it, then answer questions related to what you read, heard or watched. If you are working with a mentor here at Setting Captives Free, they will examine your answers, pray for you, and respond back to you. Our mentors are carefully selected as people who love the gospel and care about others. 

Each lesson is divided into sections. When you submit a section the site will save your answers and mark your place. Should you leave the site for any reason, you will be able to pick up where you left off when you return.  

Please do not give one sentence answers when you are asked to share your thoughts, feelings, insights or understanding. It is important to be thoughtful and intentional when you are answering the questions. It is better to go through the course material slowly and carefully even if that means you can only complete one section a day. Think about that section, consider how it applies, how does it affect your heart, etc. Then write your response in a thorough manner. 

This issue of being slow and thorough was reinforced by a student who graduated from this purity course and has now gone on to become a mentor with Setting Captives Free. On his Day 60 course, when asked what we could do to improve this ministry he said the following:

Kevin writes, "Not much. I took quite a bit of time to go through the lessons. The lessons were not just "nuggets of gold" but BAGS of gold. I would take 2-3 days to go through each lesson.  I wanted to make sure to truly absorb and understand all that I was being taught and that was being revealed by the Holy Spirit to me. I would encourage people not to "rush" - this is not about checking off a daily lesson or completing a course but about taking the time to allow God and His Word to transform the way I think and what I desire.  I took a full 6 months to complete the series (some of this would be that I would stop the lessons for a week when I was asked to preach and I would spend that week during my quiet times preparing for the sermon) - 90% of my sermons came from Setting Captives Free lessons!  Preaching and teaching about what I was learning helped me to take it deeper."

So, as Kevin recommends, go slow, be thorough, think carefully and answer each lesson prayerfully.

We also have a free course for spouses of students enrolled in the purity course called the A United Front course. 

You might also want to subscribe to our newsletter called "The Power of the Cross" by sending a blank email to main+subscribe@SettingCaptivesFree.groups.io. This newsletter is sent out once a week, on Sunday, and alternates short teachings one week with testimonies the following week. This is our main way of staying in touch with current and former students.

Additionally, we utilize the Setting Captives Free forum as a way of offering accountability, answers for questions you might have on the course, and general interaction about the course with others.

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